How to Start a Printer Repair Business

Laser toner cartridge

Printer repairing can be a lucrative business, provided you have the skills and knowledge of repairing computer printers.Computers have reduced human efforts to a great extent. The tasks which would otherwise take several hours can be done in a very short period of time using a personal computer. However, after all, a computer is a machine which can have technical problems. A machine which does not function efficiently would be almost useless for the owner and hence, the demand for computer repair professionals is high. If you are good at computer repairs, then starting a printer maintenance business would be the best venture for you. Given below are some steps on how to start a printer repair business.

Get Necessary Technical Knowledge
The printer repairing business is technical in nature, and if you do not have a technical background, then it is advisable that you do a hardware and networking course from a renowned institute. Also, working as an intern in a computer repair shop will help you know much more about this business.

Choose a Good Business Name
The first step is to think

Types of Computer Security

450-68645283-system-protectionComputer security is that branch of information technology which deals with the protection of data on a network or a stand-alone desktop. As every organization is dependent on computers, the technology of its security requires constant development. Here are the different types of computer security.

Hardware Security

Even if the computer is not plugged into a network, a person can open its cabinet and gain access to the hard drives, steal them and misuse or destroy the data saved on them or, damage the device altogether. It is also necessary to remember that in case one dissembles his computer hardware, the risk of losing coverage of warranty becomes very high.
The security of computer hardware and its components is also necessary for the overall protection of data. If a stand-alone system contains some important or classified information, it should be kept under constant surveillance. Locking system for a desktop and a security chain for a laptop are basic security devices for your machine. Certain disk locks are available in various sizes, which control the removal of

How to Change Your Wi-Fi Router Name and Password

Wi-Fi routers are wonderful devices that allow you to connect multiple devices, such as your smartphone, laptop, tablet, and so on, to the same high-speed internet connection that you have subscribed to, without using any physical cables. All you need to do is to enter a passkey, or password, or pass-phrase, (and in the case of some types of connections, or router brands, a username is required too,) one time, and subsequently, your device can automatically connect to the internet over your Wi-Fi connection whenever it is in proximity, or “within the range” of the router.

The difference between a Wi-Fi router and a Wi-Fi modem is a frequently pondered-about matter. Actually, a Wi-Fi router is used for large networks (like to provide Wi-Fi internet in an office, or at a university campus), and can even interconnect various networks, just like a generic router, whereas, a Wi-Fi modem is used to extend the wireless internet connectivity provided by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) in a small-scale manner, to devices within a range. However, nowadays, the terms “router” and “modem” are used interchangeably while referring to the device that is used, although the implementation of an actual network router differs

How to Care for Your Laptop

Is your laptop working slow and you have reached the verge of throwing it against the wall? Don’t blame the laptop and don’t blame the company that manufactured it! It may be your fault. Yes. Our sneaky habits cause problems in laptops over time.When I was in college, one of my friends showed up late for a presentation. As he sat beside me and switched on his laptop, I noticed that it had very prominent glowing spots on the screen while the rest of it was relatively darker than usual. I was perplexed because I did not know that something like that could happen to your laptop! When I asked him about it, he told me that he had accidentally spilled cola over his laptop screen! Poor thing, the laptop had crossed its warranty period 2 months before the incident. Good heavens, how does anyone be that careless? But, let’s face it. Most of us give in to lethargy after 6 months of buying our beloved MacBook, Dell, Vaio or HP. The power cord that was once pulled out oh so gently like you could snap its bone if you were a little harsh, is now pulled out

Buying Tips for Cheap Laptops Under $200

If you are looking for cheap laptops, then you might be surprised to know that you can get one for as little as USD 200. Sure, the configuration might not be the best or the latest, but these laptops are good enough for normal use.There have been many efforts to manufacture laptops in the lower-end budget bracket. However, with the ever-increasing costs, it is becoming increasingly difficult to make this dream come true. Along with the cost factor, manufacturers also need to ensure that they are good-quality systems. They do this by making a trade-off between certain hardware and software features. When research was conducted among people who wanted to buy cheap laptop computers, it was noted that each one of them had a different idea about what exactly they expected from the device. For example, some wanted a CD-ROM drive, whereas others did not find it necessary, and instead wanted a bigger hard drive or more RAM.

Tips to Buy Laptops under $200

When you are in the market for a cheap laptop, there are some things which you should consider before you go ahead and buy one. If you come across used laptops for sale under USD 200,

Computer Maintenance: Agreement and Contract Tips

I have always ignored the idea of getting a computer maintenance agreement for my laptop because I use it for my personal usage for a couple of hours a day and do not store data that is of any commercial value. But, I do believe that a maintenance agreement is very vital if you use computers for business purpose as the data that is stored in the computer is important.

If you are a home business owner and have a couple of computers under you, or for that matter if you run a business that uses computers; then getting a computer maintenance agreement that covers all your computer and network repairs, labor, preventive maintenance and replacement parts from a reputed service center is utmost important. In this article, I will include some important agreement clauses that you must ensure are included in your contract.

At the onset, insist on an initial evaluation from the service center to ensure that all the components are in a good working state. This will be beneficial to both the parties as any issues that are found can be discussed and resolved so that there are no issues later as to who has to cover

Laptop Plugged in But Not Charging – Troubleshooting Tips

What makes laptops stand apart, is their portability and ease of use, compared to desktop computers. The one thing that makes portable operation possible, is their rechargeable battery.

When the battery charging doesn’t work, the laptop is no longer portable. It must function like a tethered desktop computer, if the battery doesn’t get charged properly.

Most of today’s laptop computers are loaded with a lithium ion battery, that provides an average life of about five hours. Of course, how long the charge on a battery will last, is entirely determined by the kind of applications you are using it for. To charge the battery, an AC adapter, with specific voltage settings is required, which is normally supplied with the laptop.

There is an elaborate internal mechanism that controls and monitors the internal charging of the battery. At the computer operating system level, there are software programs that monitor the status of the battery and communicate it to the user. Let us have a look at ways in which the problem of a plugged in, but not charging notebook can be solved.

Fixing the Charging Problem

Here are some of the possible sources of the problem and suggested troubleshooting methods.

AC Adapter Problems
If the

Print Screen Not Working – Troubleshooting Tips

Many desktop or laptop computer users prefer to operate completely through the keyboard. This is made possible by the various shortcut keys provided on the computer keyboard. Some of them function directly, like the letter keys. It is really frustrating when simple functions on a computer don’t work. ‘Print Screen’ is one of them, but there are many there are some troubleshooting options present to solve the issue.

Some functions are carried out by keyboard keys combination like ‘Ctrl + Alt + Delete’ (the most famous keyboard combination ever!), some are carried out by a devoted keyboard button like the ‘Print Screen’ key. By learning to use the key, you can easily take a screenshot of your desktop. This function is often helpful while recording errors on Windows and other operating systems. It can also be helpful when saving a webpage snapshot as a record.

I recently faced a problem with the print screen key. When I searched online, there was hardly any useful information presented, that could solve the problem. Finally, I had to gather bits and pieces from several computer forums to find an effective solution to fix the problem. I decided to share

Career Networking Tips that Work

Gone are the days when an employee would join an office and then stay in the same organization for years. Today, everyone wants to move up the professional ladder fast. After gaining work experience in an organization for a couple of years, a professional would want to join a better paying one. And sometimes, after working in the industry for a few years, a professional might want to turn into an entrepreneur! Whether it is to find a good job for oneself or the initial clients for business, an individual, besides his passion for work, skills and qualifications, has to rely on his “contacts”.

Having a network of people in place, who would help you at various points in your career, is very essential. Through the contacts that you build, your awareness of the new developments in the industry that you are working in, increases. This further helps in your professional growth. As career networking is an art, a professional should know some of its basics, in order to be successful at it. Scroll down for some effective career networking tips…

Be Prepared
Before you set out on your “contact hunt”, prepare and practice how you will approach people. Stand

Home Computer Networking Tips

Home computer networking helps you interconnect all the desktop computers and laptops in your house.The first thing that you need to decide while planning out your home network is if your network is to be wired or wireless. The concept in each case will remain the same, wherein all your computers will connect up to a central router, which will negotiate the connections to your ISP through a cable or a DSL modem.

It is a common fact that a wireless home network provides much more convenience than a wired network. Wireless networks do not require cabling, and allow users to move from one room to another with freedom. However, wired networks are more secure and reliable, and if you can reuse the existing phone lines or the electrical wiring, then the cost of installing new cables is reduced drastically.

Wired Home Network

In the case of wired networks, the entire setup is known as a Local Area Network (LAN), wherein small bundles of cables are used, making the network available in every room of your house. These cables can be used for a phone line or a computer connection. Usually, a minimum of one Ethernet cable is required in a

Computer Hardware Troubleshooting Tips and Tools

It’s certainly frustrating to experience some hardware problems when are you in the middle of some important work on the computer.The computer hardware includes devices, such as the mouse, keyboard, monitor, printer, scanner, etc. All are machines and are bound to face technical issues at some point or the other. However, you can perform some basic computer troubleshooting tips to make them functional. If they don’t seem to work with the troubleshooting tools, you need to send them for hardware repair. The paragraphs below offer some quick tips for the various hardware devices.


  • If the monitor is not working, the first thing you need to do is to ensure that it has been turned on by pressing the on/off button.
  • Next, check if the cable, which connects the computer monitor and the CPU is connected properly. If not, connect it in a proper manner, or remove and plug it in again.
  • Also, make sure that the cord, which is used to power the monitor is plugged in the UPS the right way.
  • If these tactics do not work, you need to check both the cables on a different monitor, which is in a working condition.
  • If the other monitor doesn’t work

Computer Freezes After Startup – Troubleshooting Tips

While working on computers, there is a high probability that your system may freeze for no rhyme or reason. If your computer freezes frequently, it is time you first figure out the reasons behind such malfunctioning of your system.

Reasons Why Computer Freezes on Startup

There are myriad reasons for a computer freezing on startup. Following are a few causes, which could be detrimental in freezing your system more often.
Defective hardware (Electrostatic discharge and loose connections between hardware and computer motherboard)
Faulty software (Codes using lot of RAM; software infected with adbots, viruses and spyware)
Bugged operating systems (A corrupted Windows registry of operating system)
Infected drivers (Improper installation of drivers, small programs that enable the hardware and software to work in sync)
In all the above, the root cause that answers your query on why computer freezes is, almost all computers today are assembled and so the hardware components are manufactured by different vendors, which may result in hardware malfunctioning of the system. If your software is corrupted with malicious programs through Internet, freezing on startup is a warning sign indicating that your operating system may be at risk. This is because, viruses and spyware usually replicate their

Careers in Computer Hardware Engineering

Computer hardware engineering is one of the highest-paid jobs in the information technology sector.In simple words, computer hardware engineers are people, who take care of all computer hardware maintenance, they are assigned to. To enter this field, one obligatorily needs to have strong technical knowledge of computers. A software computer engineer may not know much about computer hardware, but a computer hardware engineer is well aware of how software works. This knowledge helps him solve hardware problems more efficiently and responsively.

Professionals in this field are responsible for carrying out research, contriving, participating in the development, and examining the installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance of all computer hardware. They are directly related to the care and maintenance of computer chips, motherboards, network components and devices, servers, databases, keyboards, modems, printers, scanners, and many more computer peripherals. The speedy advancements in information technology are predominately the outcomes of hardworking efforts made by these professionals.

Due to a rapid change in several technologies, computer hardware engineers are required to update their knowledge base accordingly, so that they can provide every possible service to their clients and customers. In this regards, they are offered technical trainings by companies which they work in. Companies also


Computer Problems and Solutions

You do not need to call in help every time your computer faces minor glitches.If you have a computer or PC, it will surely help in easing most of your problems. But with every computer comes along many headaches and complications, sooner or later. A computer is a machine and every machine breaks down sometime or the other. You do not need to run to the computer technician every time your PC crashes or is attached by a malicious software. If you know some simple solutions to the most common computer problems, it will help you save a lot of time and money. These glitches that can be solved by a common person like you and me in the world of computers.

There are many PC owners who think every time they face a problem with computer, they should contact professional help. True, but not every problem needs to be addressed by a computer expert.

How to Fix Computer Problems?

Problems with computer are divided into two groups, i.e., hardware problems and software problems. The hardware problems are related to the peripheral parts of the computer like the CD drive, hard disk, monitor, keyboard, etc. The software problems are more complicated.

Why is My Computer So Slow

There are many reasons why your computer could be running slow. It could be due to problems associated with low memory in the RAM to the number of start up services that you have loaded into your computer.
If your computer is running slow, you may be wondering if some virus has affected your system, or if your system is slowed down by the antivirus software that has been loaded. Well, you are on the right track. However, these may not be the only reasons why your computer has become slow. There may be other reasons which may be causing this problem. Let us take a look at some of these possible problems.

Why is My Computer Slow to Start Up

It often happens that you have a computer with the best of the configuration, a high memory RAM, a good amount of hard disk space and of course a very good high-speed processor, and yet your computer is slow to start up. The reason for this is that there are a good number of start up processes that you have initiated. Many times, when we install a software, we forget to uncheck the option to start the software during

Importance of Computers in the Health Sector

Computer science and information technology play an important role in medicine and health care. Importance of computers in the health sector is explained in this article. One can make a good career in health care sector with specialization in computer technology.

We are living in a modern, technologically advanced world. The computer age has led to fast globalization and fast access to information and technology. Computers have become an important household item and an invariable part of education, business, profession and service industry. Computerization promotes fast growth, fewer mistakes and better service in each and every field of life.

Role of Computers in the Health Sector

Availability of Information
Internet provides information on everything. New discoveries regarding operative procedures, medicines, study reports, are available on the Internet. You can easily order medicines from any part of the world. You can send medical reports via e-mail and get suggestions immediately from a doctor who is far away from you. Direct, live telecast of operation from a remote corner of the world can be watched in any part of the world. Web conferences help doctors to learn techniques without wasting time in traveling. Lives of critically ill patients can be saved,

How to Repair a Hard Drive

Similar to other components in the computer, hard disks are also vulnerable to complications and problems. There are many times when you might have experienced some problems with your computer’s hard drive. Do not worry, as with some simple steps and guidelines, you can diagnose the exact problem and try to fix it. It is not necessary to call up a computer repair professional as soon as any related error pops up on the screen. You first need to diagnose the exact problem, try to troubleshoot it, and if you are not successful, then you can go ahead and call the computer services. There are a couple of tips below on how to repair a hard drive.

Hard Drive Problems

There are many types of errors that may come up on the screen due to these problems. If there are errors on the computer monitor, but there is no clicking or scraping noise from the disk, then you need to know that it is a problem that can be resolved by using a software application. But if there is a certain noise coming from the drive, you need to realize that it is a serious issue, which only needs to

How to Start Your Own Computer Repair Business

There are a few important points to consider before starting a computer repair business. You must set the right price for your service. Time is money, and you will probably charge by the hour. You must
identify your clientele by deciding whether you want to sell your services to businesses or to private individuals! Next, you will need to find a niche, so that you can specialize in a particular sector of the market. You may also have to make a decision to quit your day job to be able to run your business full time. If you don’t have any background in the field of finance, you might even have to employ an accountant to record your transactions.

If you have pondered over and decided on the above mentioned points, you are well on your way towards becoming a businessman. However, successfully establishing and running a computer repair business will require you to take care of a number of other significant details too. Presented below are a few tips that can help you in doing this.

Tips on Starting a Computer Repair Business

1) Market Your Business Well
To establish a good customer base, you should market your business well.

Computer Maintenance Agreement and Contract Tips

I have always ignored the idea of getting a computer maintenance agreement for my laptop because I use it for my personal usage for a couple of hours a day and do not store data that is of any commercial value. But, I do believe that a maintenance agreement is very vital if you use computers for business purpose as the data that is stored in the computer is important.

If you are a home business owner and have a couple of computers under you, or for that matter if you run a business that uses computers; then getting a computer maintenance agreement that covers all your computer and network repairs, labor, preventive maintenance and replacement parts from a reputed service center is utmost important. In this article, I will include some important agreement clauses that you must ensure are included in your contract.

At the onset, insist on an initial evaluation from the service center to ensure that all the components are in a good working state. This will be beneficial to both the parties as any issues that are found can be discussed and resolved so that there are no issues later as to who has to cover